• Awaneesh Kumar, Anurag Tamrakar


The project is designed for the detection of the fault found in underground cable transmission lines from the base station to the main location (in km) with an Arduino micro-controller kit. In Urban areas, cables are undergrounded rather than in over headed lines. Whenever an error was detected in the underground cable, it is difficult to find the exact location of the fault and therefore, it is very difficult to repair that particular cable or wire. This proposed system helps us to find the exact position of the fault. This designed system consists of an Arduino micro-controller kit along with a DC power supply. Here, the existing sensing circuits consists of a group of resistors, are interfaced with the Arduino micro-controller kit to assist the Analog to Digital Converter (ADC) present inside the device for inferring digital data to the micro-controller kit that is used for the representation of the length of cable (in km). The fault production is done with the set of switches. Relay drivers are used to control the relays used in the device. A 16X2 LCD is connected to the micro-controller to display the required particulars. As short circuit occurs, the voltage across the series resistor changes, which is then fed to an ADC to bloom precise binary data to the programmable Arduino micro-controller kit that further exhibit the precise fault area from the base station (in km). Whenever, a defect occurs in the cable, an alarm goes off (starts making a sound) with the help of a buzzer, to get the field workers be alert and take instant measures.
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