• Dr. Snehil Misra


Abstract:- Women participation and empowerment are fundamental women's rights to enabling women to have control over their lives and put forth influence in society. Women often face discrimination and gender inequalities, with some women experiencing multiple discrimination and exclusion because of factors such as background or caste. Women empowerment is one of the biggest tools for ‘effective development’ of any country. It means freedom of women from the vicious circle of social, political, economic and gender-based discrimination. Making women aware of their rights and developing confidence in them – is a central issue. It is essential for them to be skilled in order to be able to better serve their families at home as well as professionally. Skill development not only creates employment opportunities but also empowers them. The aim of skill development, in case of women, is not just simply preparing them for jobs; but also to boost their performance by improving the quality of work in which they are involved. This paper clearly highlights the impact of skill development on women empowerment. The basic need for empowering women is to instill the required skills and abilities in order to shape up their overall personality & raise their status within the society Keywords: IT, Skill Development, ICT and Digital India, etc.
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Dr. Snehil Misra. (1). SKILL DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMMED AND WOMEN EMPOWERMENT: AN OVERVIEW. International Journal Of Innovation In Engineering Research & Management UGC APPROVED NO. 48708, EFI 5.89, WORLD SCINTIFIC IF 6.33, 7(7), 33-36. Retrieved from