• Nawdeep Kaur Chhabra, Aman Chakradhari, Deeptanshu Sharma


We are living in the era of science which has made our life easy but inorganic. Its darker side has made us to follow some norms in order to make world a better place. One such is CSR activities that business has to adopt. In the business world every prescribed body that follows up themselves with the CSR activities are indulged in integration of operation with technology. CSR strategy widens its limits to folds when tech supports are provided with. For a social cause it became an ease to gather funds via medium of digital world, called Crowd funding that states collection of funds from large number of people by usually using a common online platform. Global Reach is possible via online digital mediums so that small funds may be raised from all the corners of the world. A phase of pandemic (Covid-19) that the world has witnessed was a period with lack of financial support, but due to innovations in technology that came up with idea of online bank account opening, cardless cash withdrawals, instant transfer of funds via UPI services and other facilities that made it possible to survive and maintain economic equilibrium. The CSR expenditure boomed during pandemic from approximately ₹ 2000 crore to almost ₹ 25000 crore because larger companies have upped their social spending, as per report realized by government. For the economically developed nation, business operations need to be carried out actively and hassle free. Organization with common purpose come together to serve the same through the means of tech-oriented method called digital collaborations. ITC limited, Infosys, Reliance Industries limited, Mahindra & Mahindra are few top companies that do CSR activities. All of these eventually raise a question of social dilemma between choosing technology and environment. Security and Privacy are prime focus of individuals and this becomes a matter of concern for them. With the clubbing of tech into CSR activities, people know that tech involves the input of SPDI (Sensitive Personal Data/Information) fetched upon, also the huge funding activities are done via online platform, further a single fraud happened can’t be made reversible and this crushes the overall trust of people in providing personal information and using tech driven services. The things that are credentials may act as data for the other, hence it is well said that data is new oil for the business. Well organized system of security will build the trust of people, when people feel the source as authentic and verified; they invest their interest and gain confidence. This paper has covered both aspects of technology and its impact on CSR activities. Keywords: Technology, business, CSR, services, environment.
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