• Dr. Vijeta Bhatore, Mrs. Afroz Adil


India is a developing country where there are a number of startups coming up daily in all the fields. The young Indian is coming up with lots of new ideas for a brighter and better future. The concern here is that for a faster growth the upcoming future generation will not be having as many natural resources as the older generations had, as these resources are getting extinct day by day. It becomes the duty of each and every one to introduce the energetic, innovative and creative youth to the sustainable options for achieving their goals. In every field there lies a sustainable and environmental friendly variant of the traditional methods of technology, it just has to be thought of and made easy to approach. In this paper concentration is being laid on the two most creative streams viz. a) fashion designing and b) interior designing. Both these streams are considered to be the basic requirement of a human living, at the same time they can be very luxurious too. There are a number of job and entrepreneur alternatives available in both these creative disciplines. These two streams are also responsible for utilizing a wide range of natural resources and they also generate a huge amount of waste too. Now since these resources are getting exhausted, there arises a need to compensate them with more sustainable options. The different types of skills that can be inculcated in the pupils during their academic years and the many ways of using these skills in a very sustainable way are being explored here. This research emphasis on the various ways in which each one of us can take a stand and develop skills of fashion and interior design students for a better sustainable future. Keywords: Interior Design, Fashion Design, Entrepreneur, Discipline, Sustainability, Syllabus, Conceptualization, Virtual Sampling, Virtual Visualization, 3D Scanner.
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