• Prof. Pragyan Jain & Abhijeet Ratna Gokhle, Gourang Agrawal, Om Jain


The project “Thermal Analysis of different type of fins” is about designing the arrangement according to the forces acting on it from the gases, which are released during the combustion. The importance of heat transfer in design of IC engine is important to make sure the engine will perform to expectation during actual working conditions. For this a prediction is done on the various heat distribution that might occur during a normal and combustion of the engine. The finite element model was evolved with many boundary conditions that are predicted from theoretical studies. This is to see the general heat transfer of the Piston and cylinder arrangement and what are the changes taking place due to fins. Assumptions are made by approximating temperature to the actual operating condition of the engine. Heat transfer was modeled with conduction as the main source of heat transfer and neglecting convection and radiation. This is because convection is based on gas heat transfer, which is normally very small the same goes for radiation. The study is a transient study with assumption that the heat is flowing for 300 seconds and results been generated. In the analysis a model is generated using CATIA. the finite element model of the arrangement is generated using Ansys. It is applied with loads and boundary conditions, then by changing sizes of fins results have been justified.
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