• Aditya Gaiki, Abhishek Mishra, Pawan Singh Rajput, Sandeep Dubey


UltraViolet radiation, Chlorination, washing with soap and heating are some aethods of sterilizing. UltraViolet light is the best sterilizing and disinfectant agent, used for domestic as well as clinical purposes. Food packets, books, stationery, medical equipment, toys, electronic gadgets like mobile phones, laptops, wrist watches, etc can be sterilized with UV radiation whereas other methods of sterilization cannot be used. UV light does not release any waste and is eco-friendly, if used in a controlled manner. UV radiation is a range of electromagnetic waves with shorter wavelength (high frequency and energy). The wavelength from 100-280 nm known as UV-C is the best disinfectant used for purifying water, air, sterilizing vegetables and surgical equipments. Research has shown that UV-C wavelength can kill harmful fungi, protozoa, bacteria and viruses like SARS-CoV-2 Virus. The article describes the construction of a low cost UV-C Sterilizer Box where UV radiation is taking place in a closed environment. Safety features are also incorporated to prevent humans from UV light exposure. The basic idea is to design such a cabinet that can be installed at the entrance or the porch of any house. The box is powered by the disinfectant power of the UVC light and runs on normal electricity. It can be used by the people to disinfect the daily goods and materials before they are further handled. It could be used to disinfect things such as clothes, raincoats, umbrellas, delivery goods, packages, keys, wallets, belts, processed food, ready to eat items, etc. which are exposed to different microbes and are often left uncared of. Amidst this time of the COVID crisis, disinfection is one of the key activities to be done and followed. This daily disinfectant box will ease out the way to disinfect all our goods but with this special care is to be taken that the UVC rays does not come in contact with the human skin or eyes as it is very harmful and might cause extreme damage leading to skin cancer too. Keywords: UltraViolet, Radiation, sterilized.
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