• Kavita Jatav, Nilesh Kumar Sen


Secure communication is a critical need in today's digital age, where vast amounts of data are exchanged over networks. While conventional encryption methods are effective in securing information, they are susceptible to attacks by advanced techniques such as quantum computing. This has led to the development of alternative encryption techniques, such as chaotic cryptography and DNA encryption. This review paper aims to explore the potential of chaotic secure communication using DNA encryption. The paper first introduces the concept of secure communication and the limitations of conventional encryption methods. It then discusses the basics of chaotic systems and their potential applications in cryptography. Next, it describes the structure and properties of DNA and how it can be used as an encryption technique. The paper then presents some existing DNA-based encryption methods and their limitations. The main focus of the paper is on the combination of chaotic systems and DNA encryption to achieve secure communication. It explains how chaotic systems can be used to generate keys for DNA encryption, leading to the development of several existing chaotic secure communication schemes using DNA encryption. The advantages and limitations of these schemes are discussed in detail. Finally, the paper discusses the potential applications of chaotic secure communication using DNA encryption in various fields such as military, finance, and healthcare. It also identifies the challenges and future directions for research in this area, including scalability and environmental impact. In conclusion, this review paper presents a comprehensive overview of the potential of chaotic secure communication using DNA encryption. The paper highlights the advantages and limitations of this approach and discusses its potential applications in various fields. As technology continues to evolve, it is essential to explore new solutions to secure communication, and chaotic secure communication using DNA encryption offers a promising alternative to traditional encryption methods. Keywords: Secure Communication, Cryptography, Chaotic Systems, DNA Encryption, DNA Computing, DNA Sequencing, Chaos Theory, Encryption Techniques, Cryptosystems, Information Security, Key Generation.
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