• Ghate Yogesh Bhagwat, Mithun Dubery


Abstract - Surkhi Ghana Watershed is located 35km far from district head quarter on Sagar- Narsingpur National highway. The proposed Surkhi Ghana Watershed Project (SGWP) would include 1150.00ha of land covering Ghana, Patha and surkhi villages of sagar blockof district. For the feasibility study, 1009.13ha of land area will be taken into consideration; of which 282.68 ha is from Patha, Ghana 236.08 ha and 425.37 ha in Surkhi village area has taken under project .Sagar district falls under the tropical climatic zone, with deterioted natural resources, the water table is 100-300 feet’s deep.The people of the SGWP area have ample potential of land and water conservation, but they face a problem of drinking water because only 15.28% of land is under irrigation. The livelihood of these villagers is dependent on agriculture. The problem is that the rain fails to meet villagers’ agricultural requirements because it is erratic and unreliable. Also, the economy of the villages is based on rain-fed agriculture, and so it too suffers. The watershed includes the villages are Ghana, patha and Surkhi. Both villages are dominated by the OBC and SC. The livelihood of these backward ,poor people is based on simple rain fed agriculture, wage labour (agricultural and non-agricultural), and Bidi making . Most of the inhabitants of this area are indebted to money lenders who charge exorbitant rates of interest ranging from a minimum of 3% to a maximum of 15%. These people are in the clutch of moneylenders and contractors. As such, the socio economic condition of these people is very poor and the natural resources are left neglected and degraded ,because watershed area fall in high rainfall zone where yearly rainfall is more than 1200mm but people facing drinking water problem in summer . In watershed area unavailability of soil and water conservation structure resultant low recharging of ground water, high degree of erosion reduce fertility of agriculture land as well as community land impact on production of crop and fodder. Keywords: Agricultural, production, watershed.
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