• Prashant Kurmi, Amit Richhariya


Number of both business and private vehicle utilizing bituminous roads increments extensively day by day, which not only demands good pavement surfaces but also desirable roads which can provide safe and economical journey. To meet the demands of challenging vehicle growth bitumen needs to be modified with modified binders, which leads to construction of pavements with higher resistance to various deformations and could also boost the economy of the country. The utilization of this innovative technology (polymer modified with bitumen) upgrades the quality of roads as well as supports road life. Additionally this innovation proves vital in hot, humid and extreme freezing temperate regions where temperature crosses 50°c and precipitation, snowfall is generally basic. While during modification the prime heed should be paid towards the cost of modification and also modifier should be related to its effect on environment. All the polymers utilized till date enhance the properties of bitumen yet has certain impediments, keeping every one of those constraints in view modifier utilized as a part of this study polyethylene (LDPE). The morphology and designing properties of bitumen adjusted with LDPE were explored with the assistance of different tests like penetration test, ductility test and softening point test. The outcomes got are very practical. With expanding rate of LDPE, properties like penetration and ductility continues diminishing while softening point continued to be increaing. The content of modified binder LDPE was increased as 2%, 4%, 6% and 8%. On initial three perceptions comes about accomplished were obviously yet on 8% expansio n comes about accomplished were same as accomplished on flawless bitumen. Which demonstrated LDPE rate ought to be constrained to 6% to accomplish advantageous outcomes. To learn most sparing and long living roads.
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