• Nidhi Kumari, Rishi Choubey


Orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM) is mostly considered because of its highly efficient bandwidth capability, its high data rate and ability to prevent multipath fading. Communication is one of the imperative parts of life. With the progression in age and its developing requests, there has been fast development in the field of communications. Signals, which were at first sent in the analog form, are being sent increasingly in the digital domain now a day. For better transmission, even single-carrier waves are being supplanted by multi-carriers. Multi-carrier frameworks like CDMA and OFDM are presently a-days being executed usually. In the OFDM framework, orthogonally set sub-carriers are utilized to convey the information from the transmitter end to the receiver end. Presence of guard band in this framework manages the issue of ISI and noise is minimized by bigger number of sub-carriers. In any case, the vast Peak-to-Average Power Ratio of these signal have some undesirable impacts on the framework. We have concentrated on taking in the rudiments of an OFDM System and have attempted different techniques to diminish the PAPR in the framework so that this framework can be utilized more normally and successfully. Here Clipping, Selective mapping and Companding reduction techniques with different transform like DCT, DST, DWT etc. to get the good result for PAPR and BER which are the major issues in a system which reduces the efficiency of a system. Sometimes recution technique alone do not produce required outcome which it can do with the combination of transform. In case of Clipping PAPR is good for OFDM signal but BER is very high but when we are using this technique with transforms BER decreases at a very appropriate level. Also by making the use of both blocks i.e. Transforms and IFFT block which is called Precoding technique we get high PAPR with Precoding but with reduced BER in case of Clipping technique. Same analysis is done for SLM and Companding. With hybrid combination of SLM with transform and Precoding PAPR and BER both factors are reduced. So the problem which is associative in case of clipping i.e. tradeoff between PAPR and BER is solved in SLM technique. SLM used side band information which increase the complexity is decrease by using Companding technique with transform s and precoding, we get the lower values of PAPR and BER.
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