• Mr. Gyanesh Kumar, Mr. Nandan Kumar, Dr. Prakash Vardhan


Providing more secure procedures to protect industries and reduce risks requires immediate attention given the rise in cyber attacks on industries. Industrial Control Systems (ICS) refer to cyber physical systems (CPS) utilised in industries like oil and gas, chemical process plants, and similar ones (ICS). Control system security aims to stop purposeful or unintentional interference with industrial automation and control systems' normal operation (ICS). In order to identify when a sensor signal is being maliciously altered, this study suggests a process-aware strategy using invariant equations based on the physical and chemical features of the process and multiple Security Domain Non deducibility (MSDND) framework. We used a benzene production facility as a case study to demonstrate our methodology and its efficacy in ascertaining the system's status. Keywords: Cyber, Physical Security, Chemical Plant, Industrial Control Systems (ICS), Cyber Physical Systems (CPS).
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Mr. Gyanesh Kumar, Mr. Nandan Kumar, Dr. Prakash Vardhan. (1). CYBER PHYSICAL SECURITY OF A CHEMICAL PLANT. International Journal Of Innovation In Engineering Research & Management UGC APPROVED NO. 48708, EFI 5.89, WORLD SCINTIFIC IF 6.33, 10(1), 49-54. Retrieved from