• Kalpana Choudhary


In today's world, the average man in any economy, and those living in cities in particular, could use a lot of help in the form of technological advancement and widespread adoption of these advancements. The advancement of technology and its applications in many sectors of the economy such as agriculture, manufacturing, banking and finance, transportation, and infrastructure are crucial to the health of any economy. The current situation calls for the development of intelligent transportation and infrastructure. There are several cities in India, and in especially in the Indian content, where the lack of suitable intelligent infrastructure and transportation amenities is not only hindering the expansion of the city but also generating challenges for its inhabitants in terms of simple accessibility or movement. In light of the importance of technological progress, this paper makes an effort to examine the role of intelligent infrastructure and transportation systems in improving the state of Jaipur, Rajasthan's public transportation system, which is struggling to keep up with demand despite limited resources. It is also being investigated how best to advance the system in order to aid the city's further expansion. In this study, we focus on the ring road yojana and analyse its impact on public transportation and traffic congestion in the city. During the research, we used the ring road yojana as a case. In addition, this study proposes a real-world scenario based on analysis and technology in the context of intelligent transportation and intelligent infrastructure. Keywords: Jaipur, Transportation system, Infrastructure, Ring Road, Urban transportation, Information technology, JDA, Sustainability
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Kalpana Choudhary. (1). A STUDY ON THE TRANSPORT SYSTEM OF JAIPUR CITY WITH SPECIAL REFERENCE RING ROAD. International Journal Of Innovation In Engineering Research & Management UGC APPROVED NO. 48708, EFI 5.89, WORLD SCINTIFIC IF 6.33, 10(1), 34-40. Retrieved from http://journal.ijierm.co.in/index.php/ijierm/article/view/1250